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reGISter is a smart web-based system for centrally managing your data

The portal can be accessed by you and your staff anytime and anywhere via a standard web browser. You can input data, import information from data sources, and link it and make it accessible as required. Specialised information is then easy to combine and evaluate. The reGISter portal is modular. This makes it simple to add extra applications which we will be happy to tailor together to meet your specific needs.

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reGISter connects staff, management, architects and technicians. The ability to gain a full overview of site-related information ensures optimum understanding, especially by utilising the integrated communication options. You can create access rights and project groups for each location and technical department and focus on particular specialist areas. With the appropriate rights, any staff member can view the latest maps, data and projects via the platform. Data and functions that have not been authorised remain hidden.

For map viewing, the portal enables public and official data sources to be merged with your own private, in-house geodata. As part of the European INSPIRE initiative, specific geodata is freely available in all German Länder and can be directly integrated into reGISter, for example, via the WMS protocol.

Ongoing situations and geographical conditions are portrayed according to your requirements. Your own data is visualised in separate layers within a master map according to the subject areas you specify. The merging of data from different specialised areas then enables easy visual analysis and evaluation.
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IWO Software
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Our core competence is the development of software products to digitally manage your geodata and technical information. The reGISter portal simplifies your company‘s data management procedures and has many theme-based functions to improve communications and processing. Visualisation of your data in different map types gives you the perfect overview and enhances understanding of the information.

Our web-based system means you and your personnel gain quick access to data via a standard web browser. Data storage and server setup takes place within your IT infrastructure to prevent unauthorised access by third parties. An alternative system using a secure server in the reGISter Cloud is also available. Our servers are operated in a German data centre certified according to the ISO 27001 security standard. The system supports a multitude of languages to facilitate easy operation by personnel in other countries.

A core feature of our software is the visualisation of your geodata and maps in the central Map Observer system. Information from a database is linked directly to the relevant graphics in a map enabling visualisation in a spatial context.

We never stop expanding and developing our applications. Whether this concerns a minor upgrade or the development of a new application module, we enable you to customise the product to your specific requirements and to integrate it optimal- ly into your specific work flows. We work with you to develop the ideal software solution for your needs and support you with implementation from the initial plan through to live operation.

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Contact one of our developers or your personal project manager directly if you have support inquiries. In addition to a web-based ticket system and email support, we also offer a telephone hotline service.

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